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Embrace Individuality: Find Your Best Lifting Technique

Examine your setup and consider the proportions of your body to find the best technique for you.   The perfect program, the perfect lifting technique,


Have a Strength Strategy for Aging Muscles

As you age, you’ll experience changes in your body from slow movement to slow memory retrieval. One of those changes will also include the deterioration

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Train to Dispel Taboos: Urinary Incontinence

A client came in recently, slightly irritated. “Jenn, you aren’t going to believe the commercial I recently saw. You are going to be upset.” Intrigued,


8 Holistic Tips to Keep You Moving

When you’re out of the habit, finding the motivation to get up and get moving can be difficult. If you’re feeling out of shape and


Double Compound Movements

The ’70s and ’80s saw the birth of the globo-gym era and with it a limited, narrow conception of what training looked like. Most people


The Secret to Your First Squat is Feeling Great Doing It

It’s all patterns. Learning to squat is learning a pattern of movement. As a coach, you see patterns in people too in their behavior and