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The Hard Truths of Improving Physique and Fitness

You don't get here by sitting on your ass 12 hours a day and eating like crap.   We've come a long way in terms


Bathroom Scales, Who's the Fittest of Them All?

  During a recent session, the lovely Jen (let's call her Jen) told me she was almost at her target weight. As we'd been working


Why We Are Drowning In the Western Diet

When I think back to elementary school, few experiences return as vividly as DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), the program of choice for keeping a


Training Your Thyroid

We hear the word "hormones" get thrown around constantly and it seems that everyone agrees–not only are hormones important but having balanced hormones is crucial


HIRT for Hypertrophy

While working with Pavel Tsatsouline on endurance protocols (e.g., Hybrid Power Conditioning Program, StrongFirst for Crossfit, HIRT), we discovered some interesting side effects of some


Create Your Ultimate Diet

You may have been caught in the middle of the following lover's quarrel:   “You know what that chicken on your plate has been through

Fitness Tips

3 Tips to Getting Through Plateaus in the Gym

No one joins the gym to make zero progress. It’s unlikely that anyone signed up with the intention of busting their gut every single week