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10 Makeup Storage Ideas to Get You Organized ASAP

It’s never a bad time to get not only your life, but your makeup, in order too. No more dumping all your products into a junk

Makeup Inspired

How to Pull Off Silver Glitter Eyeshadow

Silver glitter eyeshadow has been making an appearance everywhere from our social media feeds to the red carpet. There’s just something undeniably glamorous about shimmering eyes. And

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5 Unique Ways To Use Makeup Brushes And Blenders

Avid makeup wearers and beauty enthusiasts may be pretty familiar with different ways to use makeup brushes and blenders to apply makeup. However, there is

Makeup Inspired

How To Lighten Your Eyebrows With Makeup

Coloring your hair isn’t solely for your strands. Your eyebrows can get in on the hair color action too (hello rainbow brows!). And if you’ve