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Natural Health

What self-care means to me and how I am improving my self-care routine

Featured post Self-care is a big trend in the well-being industry right now and it’s not something that is going away. And for the right

Natural Health

Why drinking enough water is important and how to drink more

If you read a lot of health articles online, you have no doubt come across a health tip telling you to drink more water to

Natural Health

Weleda Arnica Massage Oil – For Muscular Aches, Arthritis And Joint Pain Relief (Review)

I was first introduced to Weleda Arnica Massage oil last year when I received a free sample sachet when I attended Weleda Insight Day in

Natural Health

Why It’s Important For Men To Have Healthy Testosterone Levels In The Body

by Emily Brown Testosterone refers to a hormone that’s produced mainly in the adrenal glands and ovaries in women and the testicles in men. This

Natural Health

[Book Review] A User’s Manual for the Human Body: How Traditional Chinese Medicine helps the body to heal itself

If there is one book you should read about health it’s a book written by Alex Wu, A User’s Manual for the Human Body: How Traditional

Natural Health

Benefits of Nose Breathing

by Patrick Mckeown Nasal breathing is something many people take for granted. And yet, it is something so many people don’t do or don’t do

Natural Health

Trying to get pregnant? Follow these tips to help you increase your chances of conceiving

(Advertorial) When people start trying for a baby they don’t normally think about it too much. They just start, thinking it will be quite easy

Natural Health

Do Infrared Heating Pads Work?

by Francis Bangayan Pain is something we all experience at some point in our lives. Some people experience pain quite regularly while others experience it

Natural Health

How the Blue Light is affecting your and your Baby’s Sleep

by Ashley Powell Trouble Sleeping at Night? Blue Light May Be the Culprit When you first notice that your baby is not sleeping well anymore,

Natural Health

The Connection Between Dental Health & Heart Disease

by Arthur Brown We’ve all seen, and shared, those memes about dentists always replying with, “That’s because you don’t floss”. It was really funny, because