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Stay Focused and Slay Your Goals

  David Essel got his start in 1980 in the fitness industry. He was, as refers to himself, the exercise video dude, appearing in magazines


Banded Nordic Hamstring Exercise: Let's Build Those Hammies!

I often get asked about my lower body workout programs, because I tend to load the bar and rep out on Romanian deadlifts, a staple


The 3 Key Training Variables to Manipulate for Size

Training for size isn’t as simple as hitting the gym and blasting a muscle group. You need to provide an appropriate signal to the body


Exercise Can't Cure Everything

  When you think of a personal trainer, what personality traits tend to come to mind? Cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic, right? For some people, the bubbly


3 Ways to Snap Out of Your Mental Prison

Athletes in general are tough. We don’t like to show weakness. Our non-athlete social circles think we are crazy and awe-inspiring. But it’s okay to


The Hard Truths of Improving Physique and Fitness

You don't get here by sitting on your ass 12 hours a day and eating like crap.   We've come a long way in terms


Time Management 101 is Time Well Spent

  Time management is a commonly avoided topic in fitness. For those of us that have school work, a job to hold down to pay


Bathroom Scales, Who's the Fittest of Them All?

  During a recent session, the lovely Jen (let's call her Jen) told me she was almost at her target weight. As we'd been working


Embrace Individuality: Find Your Best Lifting Technique

Examine your setup and consider the proportions of your body to find the best technique for you.   The perfect program, the perfect lifting technique,


Science Discovers the Beauty of the French Fry

  A study in Cell Metabolism supports the idea that foods like french fries hijack our body's inborn signals governing food consumption which could help