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HIRT for Hypertrophy

While working with Pavel Tsatsouline on endurance protocols (e.g., Hybrid Power Conditioning Program, StrongFirst for Crossfit, HIRT), we discovered some interesting side effects of some


8 Holistic Tips to Keep You Moving

When you’re out of the habit, finding the motivation to get up and get moving can be difficult. If you’re feeling out of shape and


Build an Effective Obstacle Course Training Plan

Obstacle course racing (OCR) used to be a novelty. Running up a mountain, parading through the woods, and rolling in mud was out of the


Biceps: Do They Really Matter?

“F%$& the legs, let’s bench!”   A common adage among the batch of men who prioritize a jacked upper body over the quads, hamstrings, and


Do You Lift, Bro? Most Americans Say Nah!

In a first of its kind study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine1, data from a nationally representative sample of US adults were used


Lessons Learned from Rowing a Half Marathon

A basic tenant of Crossfit training is to “keep workouts short and intense.” Why, then, did I sign up for a full/half marathon row modeled


Supplements for Your Summer Shred

The supplement industry isn’t regulated by the FDA. Unfortunately, it leaves very little to be trusted because the supplement industry as a whole isn’t exactly


Prevent Running Injuries with the Right Conditioning

Photography by Bev Childress of Fort Worth, Texas   Running involves more than just the legs and in fact, doing it regularly can lead to


Are You Self Mastered or a Servant of Impluse?

  In 1940, researchers at Harvard set out to determine what characteristics led to happier, more psychologically well-adjusted lives. In one study, 130 sophomore males


Create Your Ultimate Diet

You may have been caught in the middle of the following lover's quarrel:   “You know what that chicken on your plate has been through