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Creating Healthy Eaters in an Unhealthy World

A month ago I was sleeping eight hours, waking to a few hours of focused writing, working out, and then going through my day with

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Our Best Self-Tanning Lotions for 2020

Faking it: We all do it from time to time. In fact, we’re serious fans of faking a summer tan with the help of a

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How to Get the Perfect Doe-Eyed Look

If you’ve ever wanted to make your eyes look bigger, you’ve in luck. As it turns out, doe eyes happen to be one of the


Make Big Investments in Your Weak Points for Big Returns

  Much like a bridge has beams and pillars that serve to keep the structure intact, the human body has similar structures which we take

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10 Fall Skin Care Hacks to Try This Season

Whether you’ve been dreading the end of summer or are absolutely blissed out thinking about the dropping temperature, there’s a way to make your transition

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How to Get Rid of Tan Lines

We get it; sometimes you end up sacrificing an even tan for an on-trend swimsuit. While bathing suits with cutouts galore may be Instagram-worthy, chances

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How to Wear Green Mascara

Tired of the same black and brown mascara shades? While trends like blue mascara and burgundy mascara may have crossed your path, there’s something new

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How to Contour Your Body

At this point, you’ve probably learned to contour based on your face shape. After all, if you’re anything like us, you love the sculpting effects


Parents, You Must Find Time for Fitness

“Just wait until you have kids.” “Must be nice to have that kind of time.” “Yeah, I used to be in shape, too, before… them."

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How to Pull Off Silver Glitter Eyeshadow

Silver glitter eyeshadow has been making an appearance everywhere from our social media feeds to the red carpet. There’s just something undeniably glamorous about shimmering eyes. And