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This programs is designed for an intermediate-advanced level weightlifter. It is high volume and builds to higher intensity in week four. It should not be attempted by those with a back squat 1RM that is less than 120% of their best clean and jerk, or a snatch 1RM that is outside of 78%-82% of their best clean and jerk. You should also have proficient technique. 




For the full program, you will need to download the spreadsheet attached to this article. As for equipment, you need a lifting platform or area where you can set up for a weightlifting sesssion. A barbell, some bumper plates, a rack, and a pull up bar. 


As the trainee, you need to enter your 1RM values in the black box at the top. which will punch out your percentages in the blue boxes to the right. That table can then be used as a reference for what load to put on the bar. It is very important that your 1RM values are accurate because the program does not allow much room for error.


As for the clean and jerks, there are different patterns like 2+1, 2+2, 3+2, etc. The rule for this exercise is that the athlete should never do 2 jerks in a row. In other words, the bar should fall to the ground after every jerk. So a 2+1 should be two cleans in a row then a jerk. 2+2 is 1 clean and 1 jerk, drop the bar, 1 clean 1 jerk. 3+2 looks like 2 cleans, a jerk, drop the bar, then 1 clean and 1 jerk with as little rest as possible. 



An example of the exercises in this program.


Also, whenever there are parentheses like (/4)4, the number inside is the number of reps, the number outside is the number of sets.


Lift heavy and get those 1RMs up before you break for the holidays. It's also a great way to prepare and energize yourself for the new year.


Download Your 4-Week Training Spreadsheet






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