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We must understand that if our mind, focus, precision, and power are not firing on all cylinders, then most likely we will be out of balance and won’t be able to achieve the level of power it takes to go to the next level. We should analyze how these components are essential to focus our intent in order to achieve insurmountable levels of success in any endeavor.


The mind is powerful beyond measure, and whatever we put into our mental computer is what will come out. The mind is the part of the brain that creates thought. Thoughts are energy, and energy put in motion stays in motion. This essentially means that literally what we think about will only have to be manifested into our physical reality because it's already part of our mind.



Everything that exists in our reality first started and was made from thoughts. Although thoughts are invisible, this doesn’t mean they are less energetic. That’s why we have to be extremely careful about what we think about. If we want to achieve power, we have to first hone in on the vast and unlimited knowledge of the mind.


The Role of the Mind

The answers that we often seek are part of the mind, and once we are able to tap into this, we can do whatever we want and be whatever we want to be. This thought process is only surface level thinking for most, but when you really are able to wrap your mind around how deep this concept is, you will be on the path to enlightenment.


Taking the red pill isn’t for everyone and most will likely stay with the blue pill way of life; but if you really take the red pill path, be prepared to have a life that is endless and unbound by the laws of the natural world. You will be able to achieve levels that were once thought you weren’t able to achieve.


The mind is the key, and it is the mind that sets the ball in motion. It is the catalyst of another concept called intent. Intent, or better yet, intention is where the mind flows and your energy follows. In simple terms, what you think about is what you will eventually act on. This is powerful in that your thoughts are things.


Think of your thoughts as packaged energy that sets out in motion and will stay in motion until manifested in reality. This should be a really scary concept because you have to be careful about what you think about or put out into the universe because that energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is only transformed or transferred.


Everything in this world is pure energy. Therefore, everything in this physical world that exists started from a thought. Thoughts are things, and even though they are non-physical in nature doesn’t mean that they are any less of a reality.


Change comes through focused energy. In short, this means focusing your thoughts on an objective. This is the essence of intent. Essence and how it relates to intent is another topic altogether. Actually, essence means potential, which is really what is related to intent.


Most things formed or created come out of potential or the intent of someone’s thoughts transformed into physical reality. You can think of thoughts as mini action potentials.


The next part of this acronym MFP is actually the P; not for potential, which we talked about briefly, but for precision. None of these things can flow together without precision. Precision is related to be understanding the “why” of your thoughts. Knowing your why will direct your thoughts and therefore your actions to exactly what you want or you are trying to do.



Photography by Bev Childress of Fort Worth, Texas


Being precise in your thinking and knowing exactly what you want will give you the best outcomes for the objective you are trying to obtain. Many successful individuals throughout time all have things in common with each other.


Most, if not all, were very methodical when it came to their craft. Not to say you can’t have artistic freedom in any endeavor you are a part of, but what I am saying is that when it came down to the gist of things, these successful individuals were very much focused on the goal and being as precise as humanly possible in obtaining the goal as efficiently as possible.


Precision like a laser (or an eagle’s eye) is what you should picture in your mind. Visualize what you want to have and maintain that focus. Act as if it’s already done and with that kind of focus what you want to happen will most definitely come into manifestation.


Apply These Principles

Knowing these principles will allow you the skills to make possibilities in your life become real. This is my interpretation of how to create real power. Power is a state of mind. If you change your thoughts, you can change your state.


If you change your state, you can change your reality. After all, reality is individual and can change once you make the decision to make up your mind.



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