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  • It all started on Subversive Fitness Day 1/360, the point of origin for Wolf Brigade unique brand of intense fitness for all comers.
  • You can find movement videos here, and here, they will be continuously updated as we go along.
  • And make sure you read the Standards and Practices document first


Day 83 of 360

9 rounds of the following kettlebell complex:


7 Deadlift 5 High pull 3 Full-range high pull (Up to) 1 minute rest


Today, entire sequence is performed with one kettlebell- Heaviest 3-rep full-range high pull governs weight in each round. If position breaks or true overhead becomes unsustainable, adjust one interval down and continue safely.





Then, on a 3- minute descending clock, perform:


10 Burpee broad jump 20 calorie Airdyne 30 Kettlebell swing @ 35lb. W, 55lb. M


Today, there is a 50-calorie Airdyne + 25 burpee penalty for non-completion. Hustle, breathe, and move in organized, aggressive positions; Speed is not a substitute for form, even in simple movements, or with a clock in play.


And then, “Time under tension”:


Double kettlebell rack hold @ 1/3 BW + 100 yd. Farmer carry (minimum) @ 3/4 BW


Rack hold: Attempt to hold weight for minimum :30 sec. intervals, and accumulate at least two total minutes. Farmer carry: Attempt to rest in no less than 20 yd. intervals, if needed at all. Both: Stand strong and organized- tension helps build strength, provided we stay engaged in the process



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