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I was first introduced to Weleda Arnica Massage oil last year when I received a free sample sachet when I attended Weleda Insight Day in summer. I didn’t use the sample straight away as I didn’t need to but after a few months, I had some muscular aches on my back after the workout so I asked my fiance to massage the oil onto my back. After a quick message with this oil, my back felt so much better and there was less pain.

So my first experience with this oil was really positive and at the beginning of this year, I decided it was time to test this oil out properly so I picked it from LoveLula as a member of their blogger accredited programme (it was gifted to me in exchange for the review).

In January, I started a new exercise regime and was having sore muscles very often so I thought that Weleda Arnica Massage oil will come really handy after the workout as it’s supposed to help muscles recover faster.

The oil is not only great for post-workout recovery but it can also be used before the exercise to help stimulate healthy blood flow and to relax muscles to protect them against cramps, muscle tension and soreness.

This Weleda’s massage oil is actually used by athletes and sports masseurs which makes me think that this massage oil is always good to have at home for when you need it. What’s more, it can also be used to relieve arthritis symptoms and to help treat joint issues.

My review

Arnica Massage Oil comes in a dark green glass bottle (100ml) with a dispenser which is a big plus.

You will only understand how important a dispenser is if you ever tried to use any kind of oil from a bottle without it. Dispenser makes it easy to get enough oil out of the bottle without any overspills so you only use what you need and not the excess of it.

The scent

The scent of the oil is gorgeous, really herbal and fresh and just so lovely.

When you are massaging yourself or have somebody to do it for you, you are also receiving aromatherapy treatment due to this scent. It’s relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

I can definitely smell the lavender although it’s not stated as an ingredient in the ingredients’ list (it must come under ‘fragrance’ which comes from natural essential oils). There is also rosemary essential oil in the blend which, again, is not in the ingredients’ list but it’s mentioned on the packaging.


Here is a full list of ingredients:
Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Fragrance (Parfum)*, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Betula Alba Leaf Extract, Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol*, Coumarin*.
*from natural essential oils

The main ingredient in this oil is Arnica Montana Flower Extract which is a well-known natural extract with anti-inflammatory properties that’s been used for hundreds of years in folk medicine. Arnica has been mostly used for the treatment of blunt injuries and accidents such as bruising, contusions, swelling, and sprains but some people also use it for joint pains and even arthritis.

The other ingredient worth a mention is birch leaf extract which has pain-relieving properties and is also anti-inflammatory.

My experience

The oil is easy to apply and soaks in well. It slowly absorbs into the skin and if you go to bed after the massage, you don’t have to worry about your skin being too oily, or that you would make your sheets dirty.

I’ve been using Weleda Arnica Massage Oil very often in the past month or so and now I can easily say that this massage oil is totally amazing, I really love it. In my opinion, it’s a must have if you do sports all the time and regularly suffer from muscular aches.

I use it after a shower on the day I’ve done some strength training or cardio and it honestly does work.

During the massage, I concentrate on the areas where I spent more time training on. It can be a little bit uncomfortable if I really pushed my muscles that day but it’s worth it. Straight after the massage, my muscles feel less tight and more relaxed and the next day, it’s like, wow, I wake up, get up, and wonder where is the pain? Amazing, that has never happened before!

And I know it works because when I don’t use it, I can certainly tell the difference.

I would say, if you are starting a new exercise regime or changing your fitness routine, this is a life saver. I cannot imagine being without Weleda Arnica Massage Oil now, so worth it! I think this oil would be great to use in combination with a quality CBD massage oil, just to encourage even faster recovery.

The Weleda massage oil comes in a 100ml bottle but since I use it almost every day, it’s probably not going to last for very long!  I will no doubt be purchasing it in the future though.

I am really happy that I’ve discovered this massage oil from Weleda and I cannot recommend it highly enough, especially if you regularly do sports although it can also be useful for joint pain relief and arthritis as well. You can get it on LoveLula here >

FULL DISCLAIMER: Every month I get an opportunity to pick some products from LoveLula beauty shop which I then test and review on my blog. I don’t get charged for these products but I also don’t get paid to write a review. I always provide my honest opinion about the products that I test. 
This post contains affiliate links which means I may get a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on a link. This does not cost you anything.



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