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These workouts are targeted at either beginner, intermediate, or advanced practioners. Just adjust weights so that you can complete all movements with good form. For the next 12 weeks we will experiment with different modalities to build upper body strength to aid in the development of the handstand, essential for core strength, upper body strength, and balance.


If you want to find Day 1 of Week 1 of this workout go here.


There are 3 workouts per week. The number of sets is outside of the bracket, and the number of reps indicated within with an "x" preceding. For example, 5(x5) means 5 sets of 5 reps. At the end of each workout we will end up with some yoga skill building or flows. These are there to provide both restoration post-workout, and to add flexibility and strength for continued progress.


As we go along, we will add movement videos and build up a library for future reference. Just go at your own pace. Use these workouts as a way to improve your own abilities to modify and adapt programming to your specific needs.


Day 2 of 3: Week 7



5×5 Seated Kettlebell Press (on each arm, in a wide legged seated position on the floor)





5×5 Clapping Push Ups



4 x 400 meter Run/Row (rest as needed between efforts)




2 Rounds (not for time) 5 Wall Squats 25 Dragon Flags





Ready To Sweat Yoga Flow


Take your time to transition from each pose to the next. The poses are simple enough for even a relative newcomer to yoga, but the sequence is active enough to add a sweaty finish to the day's work.


10x Cat/Cow 2x Salutation A Series 2x Sun Salutation B Series Child’s Pose Downward Dog *hold 10 breaths Vinyasa Right Side High lunge Warrior I – Warrior 2 – Warrior 3 Revolved Balancing Half Moon Standing Splits Vinyasa Repeat on Left Side High Lunge Warrior I- Warrior 2- Warrior 3 Revolved Balancing Half Moon Standing Splits Vinyasa Child's Pose Seated Twist to Right and Left Legs up The Wall Pose Savasana



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