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You’re probably used to warm water when taking a shower and consistently taking a cold shower can be challenging for most people. But do you know that a cold shower provides a ton of benefits to the body? It can also improve your health in different ways. From rejuvenating your skin, reducing fats, to relaxing your mind, a cold shower has them all.


Here are the other reasons why you should embrace the cold and enjoy the benefits of a cool shower.



Cold Showers Promote Fat Loss

When shedding weight, you perhaps think of hitting the gym hard. But there are simple alternatives. One is taking a cold shower. As you wash cold water over your body, it can activate your brown fat to produce heat.


The increased activity of a good fat effectively burns calories, keeping your body warm. Recent research also indicates that cold temperatures can stimulate brown fat up to 15 times higher than the normal percentage.


Cold Showers Strengthen Your Immune System

A cold shower can also trigger an increase in the number of white blood cells and the metabolic speed rate in the body, according to a study.


As the metabolic speed and white blood cells skyrocket, an individual can become healthier. More particularly, they can have a strong immune system, helping them fight air-borne diseases and other non-communicable illnesses.


Cold Showers Improve Emotional Resilience

Do you get anxious easily? That’s normal! But if your anxiety ruins relationships and productivity, it can already become a big problem.


The good news is that a cold shower can immensely help because it can train your nervous system to be more resistant to stress.


Research indicates that a cold shower can serve as a form of oxidative stress on the nervous system. While it can be quite uncomfortable at first, the body can adapt to cold water over time. Essentially, you will be cool and calm despite a stressful environment.


Cold Showers Drain the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying out waste from cells. However, weak lymphatic health will be unable to get rid of toxins from the cellular system.


Aside from proper exercise, a cold shower can boost the lymphatic system's activity. Once it works at its best, the risk of getting infections will be reduced.



Cold Showers Lower the Risk of Depression

Depression has been common to people of all ages, and it’s a serious problem that needs immediate action.


At an early stage, many simple solutions can lessen the impact of depression. One good option is taking a cold shower. Yes, it might help. Research found that cold water can relieve simple symptoms of depression. It activates the blue spot on the brain, bringing back the normal amount of noradrenaline. This is a chemical that plays a huge role in alleviating anxiety.


Cold Showers Can Boost Testosterone Levels

Testes are very sensitive to heat. Exposing them to high temperature can affect their protein synthesis, RNA, and DNA to name a few.


The research found that a few minutes of heat in rat testes resulted in decreased testosterone level. Cold temperature, on the contrary, can relatively reverse the effect.


Cold Showers Can Promote Maximum Fertility

Over the years, a cold shower has been proven to increase fertility or boost sperm count.


Experts also said that it could reverse the disadvantages of hot baths. When suffering from infertility issues, avoid saunas and incorporate cold water into your routine.


Cold showers are indeed beneficial. But sometimes we cannot avoid taking a hot bath, especially during a cold season. Try adding cold showers to your routine to boost your overall health.



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