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  • Check out the 12 Labors Project. I do these challenges to raise awareness about Veteran's Suicide. You can also follow me on my Facebook page with daily updates.
  • Challenge workouts are 2 days a week, and the third workout is a benchmark. If this is the first you are seeing this message, Day 1 of the Frog Fit Challenge.
  • The video instruction is less than a minute. Anyone should be able to follow these workouts
  • You can help me raise awareness for Veteran's Suicide causes: #achievetheimpossible #life360 #livewithnolimits #frogfuelfit.


Day 2 of 3, Week 11

If you have no access to a pull-up bar, do push-ups.


5 rounds 20 reps per exercise 90 second rest between rounds




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