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  • For more information on the background to this challenge go to Day 1.
  • The challenge takes 3 weeks. There is a surprise benchmark day at the end. You only do 5 consecutive days per week so, the weekends are a time to rest.
  • Pull ups: I have added some variations below
  • Kettlebell swings: start off with a comfortable size kettlebell you can swing for 10 reps at a time. If you’re new to kettlebell swings, please practice the Hinge or Kettlebell Deadlift first.
  • Join Facebook Challenge Group if you want to share your experiences or ask questions.

Day 13

  Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4
Push ups 1 2 3 4
Pull ups 1 2 3 4
Alt: BW rows 2 4 6 8
KB Swings 10 15 15 15


Ring pull ups are advanced. You don't have a stable hold so, your grip and your arms are further challenged. Maintaining balance and controlling your movement so you can do the pull up properly creates tension through the body which adds another level of intensity to your core muscles. You'd find it very hard to match your ordinary pull ups with your ring pull ups. They tax you in so many ways.



Complete list of all 15 days of the Push Pull Swing Challenge.



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