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Some people are still reluctant to try CBD products as they think they are illegal or they may experience some side effects.

There is a lot of misconception around CBD and some people even think it’s a drug they should not even try. It’s sad because CBD is one of the most natural things you can try to deal with your health concerns without the side effects of conventional medicine. It’s already been proven to work on all sorts of health issues and the research is on-going to confirm some of its other health benefits.

The popularity of CBD is rising and the CBD market is growing with new brands getting established every month. There are now more choices than ever when it comes to buying CBD oil online and it’s actually so much choice that it confuses people. Which brand should they try first? Which one is good? Which one can they trust? Should they go with the cheapest one or a more expensive one?

It’s certainly not easy to buy the best product for your own needs. Not to mention that some companies may be selling fake products with no or very little CBD in them. If it sounds to be too good to be true, it probably is, so do avoid! The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true in the CBD market.

In the UK, British people are also faced with vast choices of CBD brands online and in this post, I am going to introduce you to one of the British brands that you can trust – Evopure.

About Evopure

When I heard of Evopure I knew pretty quickly they were a company who thought of everything when it comes to CBD. Organic? Yes! Lab reports? Yes! CO2 extraction? Yes!

Just to clarify, not all CBD oils on the market today are created equal. The quality varies from brand to brand and it depends on several factors. Just to mention a few:

  • Is CBD oil organic? – A 100% organic CBD oil is better than a non-organic one. It’s just a reassurance that the product you consume doesn’t contain any toxins such as pesticides.
  • Are the lab reports available on request or directly on the website? – This is a really important thing to consider. Before you buy any CBD oil you want to know what’s inside and the best way of finding that out is by looking at the lab analysis report. The main thing you would want to check is that the amount of THC is less than 0.2% which makes the CBD oil legal. If it’s more than that, by law this is not allowed in the EU and UK and would make the oil illegal. THC is a substance found in CBD oil that makes people ‘high’ so it’s only allowed in very small amounts which don’t really make people feel any different.
    The CBD oil should be independently tested to make sure the reports are not biased/altered in some kind of way. Evopure meets all these criteria and when they sent me samples of their CBD oil I was really happy to see a copy of their lab report attached to the products. They clearly have nothing to hide and if you come across a CBD company who don’t want to provide lab reports, don’t even think of buying from them.
  • What extraction method has it been used? – CBD oil can be extracted in many different ways. To create the best quality product, the best method of extraction is CO2 extraction which does not use any heat to produce the oil. When no heat is used, the oil keeps its valuable nutrients and properties so it will be more effective. As soon as the heat is involved, the quality drops significantly. Don’t ever buy a CBD oil which has been heated using other extraction methods! Evopure’s CBD oil is extracted with CO2 and therefore of really high quality.

It’s certainly worth understanding a little bit about CBD before buying from the first company you can find. The worst thing is to spend your hard-earned cash on something that won’t work.

I trust Evopure as I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t like about them. They are doing everything right. The only negative thing I want to mention is that although they use certified organic CBD oil, the product as a whole is not certified organic by any organisation. Not something that bothers me, it’s just a little detail that I want to point out as I want to keep this review totally non-biased although I’ve received their CBD oil samples free of charge.

Evopure CBD Oil Review

CBD Oil from Evopure is a full spectrum CBD oil, containing all the cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant, not only CBD.

A full-spectrum CBD oil is better and more powerful than CBD isolate. That’s because all these cannabinoids work together more effectively than CBD on its own. This type of CBD oil also contains other active ingredients which are helpful at creating the desired outcomes.


The strength of this CBD oil is 3% (300mg) which is more than the strength some other brands offer. One drop of this oil contains around 1.5mg and if you wanted to consume 9mg you would have 6 drops.

How to use

The recommendation is to start with small doses and then slowly build the dosage up to around 10-15mg a day but it really depends on your weight and metabolism. Everybody will react differently to different dosage so the best is to start slowly. For this reason, the effect may not be immediate but as soon as you start to see some difference you will know that you’ve reached the dosage that is right for you.

On the bottle, it says to use CBD oil 2-3 times a day by simply leaving the oil under your tongue for 40-60 seconds. You then swallow the mixture. Remember to shake the bottle well before you use it to ensure even distribution of all the nutrients.

The taste

In terms of the taste, CBD oils don’t taste good at all. Evopure’s CBD oil is no exception. When I gave it to my partner to try for the first time, his first reaction was how horrible it was. But funnily, after a while, he didn’t complain about the taste anymore. I think it was manageable and he got used to it although it was still not pleasant.

I personally find the taste really bitter and earthy. It’s really strong but not revolting. It’s definitely not enjoyable.

Holding CBD oil under your tongue is not too bad but then you have to swallow it and the whole mouth gets this bitter taste. You may want to drink something or eat something afterwards to get rid of the taste. Water helps a little bit but it’s not enough to totally get rid of the bitterness. After a while, bitterness in your mouth naturally dissipates.

I am thinking it may be a good idea to mix CBD oil with a little bit of honey to make it easier for you to keep it in your mouth for long enough and then swallow it. The alternative option is to use CBD capsules.

Does it work?

My partner has put Evopure’s CBD oil to the test and used it for around 3-4 weeks to see whether it helps his sciatica pain. He’s had issues with his back and pain down the left leg for months and nothing was helping so we decided to try CBD oil.

When he started taking CBD oil, his pain was already weaker than it was when his issues first started. It was on a scale 2-3 out of 10 with 10 being the worst pain.

At the beginning it didn’t seem like the oil was doing much but that’s totally normal as it could take some time before you see the effect especially if you start with low doses.

We started with 2-3 drops initially and then increased it to 6+ drops a day. For the pain management, it’s recommended to have 2.5mg -20mg dosage a day and he was definitely having a daily dosage within that range. Sometimes he would take the drops twice a day, but most of the time it was only once as he just wouldn’t remember to take them more often.

In the first few weeks, his pain didn’t change much but he did mention it was slightly better at some point. An interesting thing that I’ve noticed while he was taking CBD was that he was much calmer and more relaxed than usual (he normally gets stressed and irritated easily). This was not expected but it was definitely a positive effect.

After about 3-4 weeks, I asked him how his pain was and he told me it was gone! Wow, amazing outcome, I was so happy to hear that! Now, I am not totally sure whether his condition naturally improved or it was because of CBD. It’s highly likely it’s because of CBD as he’s had this issue for many months and now the pain happens to be gone just when he is taking CBD. A coincidence? Maybe or maybe not.

He has now stopped taking the oil and if the pain comes back soon we will know it was CBD that was truly helping him get better.

Evopure Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil – Summary

There is no doubt about the quality of CBD oil from Evopure. It’s organic and lab reports are available for you to check if you want to, showing that the company has nothing to hide. What’s more, the oil has been extracted using the best extraction method (CO2) so you can rest assured it contains all the beneficial nutrients that will help with your particular health concern.

The taste is not amazing but this is normal among CBD oils. You could possibly make it taste better by mixing it with some honey.

To make it work for you you need to experiment with dosage, starting with low doses and then slowly increasing that until you find an optimal dosage for you.

From our experience, it seems to work for pain management and you can test it to see whether it works for your particular concern, whether that’s anxiety, migraines or something else. It’s a natural remedy which doesn’t really have any side effects, the only thing some people may experience in the beginning is drowsiness but we didn’t have an issue with that.

To buy CBD Hemp oil from Evopure go to this page and use a code BEHEALTHYNOW15 to get a 15% discount. This is my affiliate link and code which means I get a small commission if you purchase the product using this link. It’s all for your benefit!



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